Website Notification Emails

Website Notification Emails

We’ve sent email notifications regarding this website to individuals and organizations with significant roles relating to the Barnaby Reach project. Recipients include folks with the Washington Department of Recreation and Conservation, the Skagit Watershed Council, The Skagit River System Cooperative, The Nature Conservancy, City of Seattle (Seattle City Light), and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The emails are similar to each other. Here is the basic form of the message:

“We would like to let you know that we’ve created a website on which we are discussing and sharing information and perspectives the Skagit River System Cooperative’s Barnaby Reach project. The web address is:

The site aims to facilitate communication, information sharing and the exchange of viewpoints between our neighbors relative to the Barnaby Reach project, as well as other significant neighborhood issues. It will feature articles, information pieces, letters, commentary and news items.

It will include some of the letters we send to organization and individuals associated with this project in a sponsorship, political or regulatory capacity as well as letters we receive. It may include letters we’ve sent to you or receive from you.

It will contain links to other websites featuring information pertinent to this project and others like it. It includes some of our commentary submissions to the Skagit River System Cooperative. Generally, it will include anything we think is relevant to the project that our neighbors will benefit from knowing. The website is intended to facilitate all viewpoints held by our neighbors.

We will be sending an email like this one to each of the individuals who have a significant role relating to the Barnaby project so they can be aware of its existence. You may find it worthwhile to follow posts on this website to help you understand our perspectives.


Dave Hallock

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