New Website for Skagit Upriver Neighbors!

New Website for Skagit Upriver Neighbors!

This website has been created to serve the sharing of information and viewpoints on issues of concern to our neighbors in the greater Rockport, Washington, area. It was inspired by concerns shared by many of our neighbors regarding a large, complex project under development by the Skagit River System Cooperative and it’s organizational partners: Seattle City Light, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and The Nature Conservancy. The project is called the “Barnaby Reach Project.”

We are calling this website, “Skagit Upriver Neighbors” to emphasize that it includes an area larger than our immediate Rockport community of citizens concerned about matters which will impact all of us upriver.

This is a place for our neighbors to share our perspectives and concerns about this project, as well as other issues. All viewpoints of our neighbors are welcome here, pro and con, so long as they are constructively expressed. Our aim is to facilitate communication and awareness among neighbors looking out for each other. Let’s keep what we say here civil and constructive. This website is moderated and the website owner reserves the right to remove any posts which are considered inappropriate.

We will publish letters, articles and informational pieces, as well as occasional news items. We’ve set the website up in magazine format so each item can be seen individually. Most items will appear under multiple categories. Many of the posted items, such as letters, date back several months and are dated here to reflect the date they were originally sent.

We hope you find this website valuable!

Dave Hallock, Rockport



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  • Alexander Wright
    January 4, 2016, 5:53 pm

    Indians want to undo what is a natural occurrence in all winding rivers. Additionally warming water in all lakes everywhere and especially in the slow waters of the slew would kill salmon fingerlings.

    To avoid warmer river water, fish farm near the Skagit estuary in insulated tank that could be cooled by night air, then transfer the fingerlings into the river so they would have a short swim to the brackish water transition zone.
    Oxbow lake
    Long-Term Changes in Lake Temperature


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