Barnaby Reach Project Update Letter

Barnaby Reach Project Update Letter

Here is a project update letter from Cynthia Carstad, Consultant to the Skagit River System Cooperative for its Barnaby Reach Habitat Project.


This message is being sent to individuals who have requested to receive updates on the Barnaby Reach Habitat Project.

On May 13, more than 26 community members and other stakeholders attended the site tour at the Barnaby Hatchery site.  Participants saw many of the infrastructure features that must be removed at the site, and discussed the history of the facility.  Poster exhibits and other tour materials are posted to the project website here:

Barnaby Reach Project

Technical work on the project was slowed this spring by a 2-month weather delay in acquiring the Green LiDAR that, once verified, will form the base map for much of the modeling and analysis.  Here is a summary of near-term work activities:
1 A ground and surface water monitoring network has been established, and will be monitored through the coming year to gain understanding about the ground/surface water interactions.
2 The consultant team (NSD) is currently working on the Local Flood Assessment in the south Rockport area to better understand the source of local flooding problems, seeking to identify opportunities to lessen flood impacts in that area.
3 The Green LiDAR base map should be completed by late July / early August.
4 In August, NSD will work with the Technical Advisory Committee to develop and review hydraulic modeling parameters and inputs, including what river flow scenarios will be examined.  This work will be presented and discussed with the community and other stakeholders in September/October.

At the field tour, many community members urged the project team to take a phased approach to the project, starting by removing the obsolete infrastructure at the site, and then assess conditions for additional restoration actions.  The project sponsors are evaluating whether this is possible, considering funding and other constraints.  We will keep you updated on this topic.

Please continue to check the project website for updates:

Barnaby Reach Project Website
Hard copies of project information, including reports, meeting summaries, project goals and objectives, and schedule are also available for review at the Upper Skagit Library in Concrete.

Enjoy the summer!

All the best,

Cynthia Carlstad, LHG
Carlstad Consulting
15622 105th Avenue NE
Bothell, WA 98011

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