Informational Letter from Marc Duboiski, Grants Manager

Informational Letter from Marc Duboiski, Grants Manager

Marc Duboiski is the Salmon Recovery Funding Board Grants Manager for our area. Here is a letter he sent on March 23, 2015, after I spoke with him about the Barnaby Reach project.

“Thanks for talking to me this morning. I always appreciate talking to landowners and listening to their concerns.

My agency provides staff to two citizens boards – the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board (RCFB) and Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB). I work for the latter and we provide grant funds to local, state, tribal agencies and non-profit groups to conduct feasibility/designs, restoration and acquisition projects geared toward restoring or protecting salmon habitat. Here is my agency website: .

We funded the Barnaby Reach Feasibility Study (#09-1440) in 2009. See this link to the specific project in our grant database: . Scroll down to the project attachment section and see the “design documents,” date 11-12-14, which are the primary deliverables for this grant.

This last December, the SRFB did fund a preliminary grant (#14-1255) to the Skagit River System Cooperative – . This grant is scheduled to be completed by 3/31/2018. The brief project description for this grant is:

The proposed project will complete preliminary design work for the preferred alternative identified through the Barnaby Reach Restoration feasibility study process (RCO Project #09-1440). The feasibility study has provided baseline topographic and hydraulic model information and will complete conceptual design for the preferred alternative. The preliminary design work will build on that initial work and complete needed studies such as wetland delineation, geotechnical analysis, additional infrastructure and more specific survey, along with more intensive archaeological investigations. The preliminary design work will continue to support ongoing efforts to work closely with affected agencies, landowners, and other stakeholders to identify and incorporate key elements into design, such addressing flood or erosion hazards and developing recreation opportunities on the project site.
Preliminary design deliverables will follow SRFB Manual #18, Appendix D-2, pages 115-120, including a basis of design report, cut profiles and quantities, construction approach, a preliminary cost estimate and drawing package for the development of permits.

One way to stay connected to what’s going on around Barnaby Slough, and any other salmon recovery projects, around Rockport, SR 530, etc. is call or e-mail me. Another option is to contact the Skagit Watershed Council (SWC), based in Mt. Vernon, Richard Brocksmith, (360) 419-9326. The SWC is the local group that solicits for proposals, conducts technical evaluations, then citizen rankings, prior to submitting their ranked list of project applications to us in August. I am plugged in with this process, but from Olympia, WA.

Two other projects that may interest you are on the north end of Martin Road, related to Martin Slough. One is a riparian planting project and the other is a fish passage feasibility study related to a couple culverts under the road. The two project links are below:
I hope this helps. I have cced Richard Brocksmith, SWC, on this reply. I look forward to talking to you in the future.
Marc Duboiski
(360) 902-3137″

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