Proposed Marblemount Quarry Mine is Surrounded by Homes

Proposed Marblemount Quarry Mine is Surrounded by Homes

Kiewit Infrastructure Company of Vancouver, WA, has applied to Skagit County for a special use permit to develop and operate a large scale quarry mine near Marblemount. The application describes an intention to conduct frequent blasting to access stone in the area which would be transported down the Skagit Valley hundreds of times per day. Kiewit is seeking to leverage an old rock crushing business that once operated near the site, describing the proposed business as nothing more than an “expansion.” It’s one thing to take surface rock from the base of a rocky slope in small loads several times a day. It’s another to blast down a mountain creating horrific noise and dust and air pollution that completely disrupts the peace and tranquility of the nearby community.

The proposed quarry mine is catastrophically incompatible with the rural residential community.

Here is a good visual image showing some of the homes within three-quarters of a mile of the of the proposed quarry mine. This is the view from the Skagit River side of the proposed quarry mine area. The image was produced by Robert Burrows who lives close by the proposed mine.

There are many more homes than these, including homes on the other side of the hill Kiewit intends to demolish. The Cascade River Park community is on the backslope (north side) of the quarry area. It’s the side to the top of this image with the high mountains and the Cascade River coming down to meet the Skagit.

In the permit application, Kiewit states that initial blasting of the mountain will be on the Cascade River side to try to minimize affects to the Skagit side. The Cascade River Valley will be very adversely affected by this project if it is permitted!


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  • Mike Young
    April 6, 2019, 9:35 pm

    In regards to wildlife,I saw a fox on our property, a couple of years ago now,recently I see the cascade red fox is considered for threatened species status. Not aware of any research or sightings in this area, is anyone else?

  • Brian and Laura Shearer
    April 26, 2019, 8:51 pm

    We oppose Kiewit from operating a quarry in a fragile ecosystem. We oppose blasting where people and animals live. Young children and pets and local businesses will suffer greatly during proposed daily blasting.

    The Skagit River is home to 5 species of salmon, Bald Eagles, bear and elk that rely on the glacier water running through their environment.

    Skagit River wildlife cannot sustain the effects of blasting or the subsequent debris dispersal of rock and dust on the river and communities of Marblemount, Rockport and Concrete.

    Tourism in these communities rely on the healthy environments of the North Cascades and the Skagit river.

    Kiewit, find another rock

    • Dave Hallock@Brian and Laura Shearer
      April 26, 2019, 9:06 pm

      Brian and Laura Shearer, thanks for your comment!

      We are in an extended public comment period so if you haven’t sent written comments to Skagit County we encourage you to do so. Please submit your written comments to Skagit County by Monday, May 13, 2019, at 4:30 p.m. Remember to include your name and mailing address. Thank you for helping us speak out for the well-being of our Skagit River Valley.

      Written comments can be sent to:
      Skagit County
      Planning and Development ;Services
      1800 Continental Place
      Mount Vernon, WA 98273

      The permits are
      PL19-0032 and PL19 -0033, 0046, 0046
      BP 19-0070


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