Martin Road Riparian Restoration

Martin Road Riparian Restoration

Here is the link to information regarding this project along the Skagit River and Bow and Martin Sloughs.…

“This project will restore 26 acres of riparian buffer adjacent to an established Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) along the Skagit River and Bow and Martin Sloughs near Rockport, on the left bank of the Skagit River, just upstream of SR530. Skagit County owns the property and will oversee restoration on the site. The 65-acre Martin Slough property, purchased with a SRFB grant (99-1719) in 2001,currently has approximately 22 acres of riparian corridor along Martin and Bow Sloughs. The remaining 23 acres were ineligible for CREP and were never planted. This project would remove the non-native vegetation and replat the riparian area.”

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  • christie fairchild
    December 18, 2015, 6:30 pm

    Regarding the Martin and Bow Sloughs reveg project on the field just south of the bridge – I expect the ever-growing, non-native Rockport elk herd will make their mark on all of those baby plants – I counted 44 of them grazing there just a couple of nights before the planting began…


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